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SKINS RY400 Women's Long Tights

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SKINS RY400 Women's Long Tights
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SKINS knows recovery is an important part of your fitness routine. A quick recovery means you feel great, can work out more often and get better results. Research has taught us that your compression needs whilst active are different to when your muscles are in a relaxed state of recovery. With this in mind, we created the RY400 range. Forget massages, long baths and ice packs. To improve recovery time, simply pull on your RY400 garments after activity. They're scientifically proven to make the body recover better reducing tenderness and delayed onset muscle soreness by delivering more oxygen to your resting muscles. We recommend you wear your RY400 long tights for at least 3 hours to get the best results. Their 400 fit guarantees maximum comfort, so you can even wear them while you sleep to speed up your body's natural recovery process.
  • Reduce muscle aches and pains
  • A fit that takes into account your height, weight and body shape to ensure optimum compression and comfort
  • Scientifically proven reduce tenderness and delayed onset muscle soreness by delivering more oxygen to your resting muscles
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