Mountain BikingMountain biking is a rigorous sport that is enjoyed by many around the world. This sport can take you on a journey both physically and mentally. In addition, it takes dedication and is often referred to as a way of life rather than a hobby or leisurely pastime. Many people say they enjoy the adrenaline-charged sense of freedom that mountain biking gives them. In addition, when on a bike you can explore much more of a trail than you could if you were walking. This allows you to explore nature more intensely.

A mountain bike is much different than other bikes. Most are equipped with stout, knobby tires and up to 27 different gears; it is prepared to handle rocky off-road terrain. Some bikes come with front or rear shocks to allow for a smoother ride over rough trails. This sport demands power, motivation and strength. This is one of the reasons some people resist the sport as they do not feel they can handle it. However, the rewards one reaps from mountain biking is more than worth the physical work that mountain biking requires.

Mountain biking strengthens and tones the legs and butt muscles while also strengthening the heart and expanding the lungs. It is a great cardiovascular workout and is always exciting. When biking, you can see views that you've only dreamed of and find a mental peace that you cannot find in any other sport. This sport is very much a lifestyle change and takes dedication. If you want to enter the sport of mountain biking, find a friend and bike together, set goals, explore new trails and enjoy nature.