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Brooks Nightlife Hat
Brite Pink / Midnight (620)

Brooks Nightlife Hat

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Brooks Nightlife Hat is updated with even more 3M™ Scotchlite™ retroreflectivity, a perforated bill and a flat L.E.D. light to keep you visible in any condition and lighten your load. Its removable battery pack -- which uses one CR2032 Lithium 3V battery -- makes it easy to replace batteries and wash your hat, while also doubling as a portable pen light.

• Fit: One size fits all
• High-visibility fabric, flashing rear L.E.D. light, and 3M™ Scotchlite™ retroreflective piping dramatically enhance visibility
• Fabric provides weather protection
• Adjustable hook-and-loop backstrap

To change the battery in the NightLife hat, or remove it for washing:

  1. 1. Slide the battery pack out of the pocket on the side of the hat.
  2. 2. Gently unplug the wire from the battery pack. The hat is now machine washable.
  3. 3. With your thumbnail, loosen the top edge of the battery pack and pull it open. The battery is attached to the top.
  4. 4. Replace with a new CR2032 Lithium 3V battery.
  5. 5. Slide the top of the battery pack back into the pack until it clicks.
  6. 6. Reattach the wire and slide the battery pack back in the pocket of the hat.

    Fabric: 100% polyester
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