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2XU Women's Recovery Compression Tights

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2XU Women's Recovery Compression Tights
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2XU Recovery Compression tights are the ultimate for enhancing blood flow post workout or competition!2XU’s graduated compression technology boasts regulated pressure throughout all garments to deliver performance benefits during and post exercise. By enhancing circulation through increased venous function, more oxygenated blood is delivered to the muscles that need it most. At the same time, by-products created by exercise, such as lactic acid, are flushed from the muscles to reduce fatigue and decrease recovery time.

2XU's Compression Recovery Tights uses the powerful PWX Weight fabric throughout for enhanced compression. PWX fabric provides greater pressure and recovery benefits by improving blood circulation + removal of blood lactates for faster muscle repair. Following extensive ongoing research + consultation with the world's finest athletes + sporting institutes, 2XU is proud to present PWX - a collection of premium Compression fabrics engineered to offer optimal POWER, WEIGHT + FLEXIBILITY in perfect equilibrium depending on your needs. A graduated fit further promotes increased circulation for faster recovery.

  • New black on black logo  
  • Powerful high denier fabrics
  • LYCRA fibre durability
  • Circular knit for 360 degree stretch
  • UPF50+ Sun Protection
  • Antibacterial
  • Moisture wicking


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